May. 5th, 2016

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Finoa, wearing the shape of a red cat, walked along the walls, tail swishing high. If anyone noticed a cat with a pretty emerald ring around its paw, well... stranger things had happend in the city.

It was quite a bit easier to move through the city like this: Slip through the alleys and up over the fences, under stairs and between bins of rubbish until she reached her destination. She'd taken to lately, enjoying the lightness and agility not afforded to her humanoid body. Sometimes, after the ease of a particularly daring-seeming jump, she wondered why she hadn't been made of bone and fur instead of a seed and a breath. Cats, afterall, were less hunted than human girls. In the days when rodents could mean starvation or disease, they were valued. Girls, not so much.

She'd been a sickly child back in those days, not likely to live. Perhaps why she had taken to the foundling under Janie's care. Back in those days though, cat's milk wouldn't have helped her illness and as such a human girl she was left to impersonate.

She arrived at her destination sooner than even she expected. Her mind was still stuck ina the past. What if humans hadn't meddled and ruined her life?

As a cat she had been small and sleek. Light on her feet. In her own form, by her people's standards, she was an exceptional beauty. Tall and willowy, silvery pale skin with a delicate grain pattern and gold leaves that survived even winter. She would have stories about her beauty and her cruelty, inherited from her mother. She'd be feared and adored.

She had none of that here. Here she was cloaked in a glamour meant to hide and protect her. She appeared average. A flawed mirror to whoever looked at her. Eyes, those that might have Sight enough to see through the glamour never lingered on her very long.

"None of this," she told herself, shaking off memories of what would have been and her reality. She circled around, looking for watchers, and not sensing any, with her paw, managed to remove the ring. Her shape rippled and where there was a cat a moment before, there was a girl, picking up a ring and tucking it into her pocket.

Pulling out her issued I.D, she stepped into the building she had arrived at.


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