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Name:(Iníon rí) Fiona Nic'Geimhreadh
Birthdate:Dec 21
Daughter of an Unseelie king, Fiona was a Fairy changeling left in a crib to be fed human milk, but baptized before her parents could return for her. As such, she is forever locked out of Faerie and from her birthright.

Fiona is from the Macgillicully Reeks in South Ireland and survives as a thief selling her wares in the Goblin and Floating Markets. Being Neutral Territory they are as close to home as she can ever get.

It isn't a bad life.

She has a twin sister (The Human she was switched with birth for) who lives in her rightful fief in Faerie, which is perhaps the most vexing part of this situation. She is/was betrothed to an Elf lord but given the circumstances she is doubtful anything will come of this.

Like most Fay she is skilled with illusion, glamour and can not tell a lie. Once a month on the new moon, she must consume blood or dead human flesh for sustenance.

As with Royal Births, Fiona was given 13 gifts from Fairy Queens.

1. She will have rare gifts of magic
2. Her arrows will always fly true
3. She will always find the door she needs
4. Her cruelty will always be beautiful
5. Her magic will be fierce
6. She will know Love
7. She will know Hate
8. Neither will destroy her
9. She will have beauty and grace
10. She will have a fierce knowledge for hidden things
11. She will always find forgotten roads
12. The winter wind will always carry her messages true.
13. Her true name will always be Hidden
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