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Fiona steps into the Pub and searches the dimly lit room. It's two hearbeats before Kiernan steps up, offering his arm.

"Kiernan. Well met."

He guides her to a booth in the back where it's quiet. Business quiet. A bottle of wine sits on the table. He waits until she's sat down before he slides into the seat across from her, and pours the wine. Outside of the Goblin Market they aren't equals, and a subject of her mother's court he follows at least some measure of etiquette when they meet. There is the matter of him being a former lover, which can make things awkward when they don't fall into the pre-scripted patterns.

"I like your Glamour,"

He snorts.

"I've always liked you better without yours,"

They're no longer following proper etiquette. Fiona notes that their dance lasted quite a bit shorter than usual. She makes a face and takes her glass of wine, sipping at it.

"I won't offer you any compliments now."

"Then it's good that I come bearing gifts. So you will forgive me." He says, smirking slightly.

He reaches into a satchel tucked on the pub bench and sets a smokey jar on the table, sliding it towards her. The glimmer of pride and amusement in his eyes cuts through the Glamour. She touches her fingers against the glass and the smoke darkens against the place her finger touches. For a moment she's mesmerized.

"It's so beautiful."

"Does that mean that I am forgiven?"

"That depends." She lifts her eyes away from the smoke filled jar. "How much do you want?"

He regards her for a few minutes, taking the moment to sip his own wine.

"The price is a mistake."

She looks back at the jar and then looks at him. "You already have a mistake of mine."

That catches him off guard and he blinks at her. He takes another drink of his Wine. A deeper drink. "Of course, Lady. Then I suppose the Jar and her contents are already yours."

They've complete the cycle. They're back to politeness and etiquette. Part of her--the part of her who has been living among humans for so long--supposes she should feel bad. Kiernan is one of her oldest friends, and he's loyal.

"I will give you my tears. Will that suffice?"

"Yes. That will be a fair enough price."


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